Delicious Italian Pizza Yoli At Manna House Newent

Imagine the aroma of sun-kissed tomatoes, whispering herbs, and bubbling mozzarella... That's Pizza Yoli. Each handcrafted pie whispers the secrets of Italian kitchens, brought to life in Newent. Taste the passion, savor the tradition. Order your slice of Italy today!

Fresh to all ingredients, fresh dough, free-range chicken, hmm that flavour

Close your eyes and imagine this: a symphony of scents fills the air. Sun-drenched tomatoes whisper of summer gardens, fragrant herbs dance with a touch of garlic, and the creamy sigh of mozzarella melds the melody together. This isn't a dream, it's the daily soundtrack at Pizza Yoli, your passport to Italy without leaving Newent.

As you take your first bite, the symphony explodes on your tongue. The tangy sweetness of the sauce marries the salty kiss of cured meats, the creamy mozzarella stretches with each delightful chew.

This isn't just pizza; it's a journey to the heart of Italy. Close your eyes again, and you can almost feel the cobblestone streets beneath your feet, the warm Italian sun on your face. Pizza Yoli: a taste of Italy, right here in Newent.

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